CALSO Soliloquy

Wednesday - March 18th, 2020

Ever since Apple gave us the ability to enroll devices using Automated Device Enrollment (formerly DEP), testing this functionality has always been the most challenging. The best and most obvious way to do this is to create ADE ready virtual machines… but how? I have found that using AutoPKG, vfuse and Apple’s native Terminal app is the best workflow. The steps on how to do this are outlined in the linked article, including, applications needed to be installed, in what order and where to get them.

We have had a many requests for support with screen capture software and devices. One of the most requested workflows is to be able record the end users screen while also capturing the mic and computer audio. This is very useful when conducting interviews, or recording web content.

We have put together a quick setup doc to do just this in macOS.

Yubico - Yubikeys

We had the privilege of having two awesome members of the Yubico team present at our first remote Los Angeles Mac Admins meetup on the 25th of March, 2020. Fadi Jarar and Will Coleman joined us and took us through their wonderful multi-protocol hardware authenticator, the YubiKey and it's many features and use cases.

Yubico is a global authentication leader, specializing in multi-protocol hardware authenticator solutions with their line of products, the YubiKey.

We took some time with a few of their keys and put together a little workflow doc which will be shared soon.